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On-Site Installation Services

Proper installation mitigates the risk of operational disruption that is often associated with large-scale installations and is critical to the long-term performance of an ICT device or system.

Backed by an extensive pan India service network, Openview delivers standard hardware installation support to single as well as multiple customer locations across India for any component or device within the ICT product range. With each installation solution pre-configured and customized to serve specific requirements of Original Equipment and Design Manufacturers (OEMs & ODMs), system integrators as well as large end-users of ICT products. Openview ensures that the entire installation process is seamless, standardized and in accordance with the defined service level agreement (SLA).

Openview offers a range of single or multi-stage installation packages including one or more of the following services:

  • Unpacking of equipment

  • Power testing at site

  • Physical installation of hardware components

  • Integration of new hardware with existing network / system

  • Diagnostic exercise to test compatibility and functionality

  • Documentation-installation sign-off and associated reports

  • Submission of installation report


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