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Internal Emails:

If you work in any organization dependent on email, you already know how internal email wastes a lot of time. Even so, you may not know the full extent of the problem. Independent research from 2007 documented that Intel lost a BILLION Dollars in employee productivity every year due to ineffective emails. McKinsey estimates as much as 28% of an average work week is spent handling email. Employees on an average loss 30-40 minutes of productivity per day as a result of email.

All of these factors add up to lost productivity like Interruptions caused by...

  • Unproductive internal email messages

  • The time it takes to refocus after distractions

  • Delays in decisions caused by email overload

  • Waiting caused by delayed decisions

The Better Emailing™ system will significantly increase productivity and improve morale as people regain control of their work environment.

Now empower your employees to regain control of their work !!

The Better Emailing™ system-designed for organizations that depend on email-takes a comprehensive approach to solving this problem. It puts you back in control while keeping everyone involved and informed.

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