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Create The Ultimate Mobile Office

Make no mistake, mobility is a revolution, having completely disrupted and transformed the way we do business, now and in the future. Mobile technologies allow tremendous freedom. Freed from the constraints of geography, hardware, processing power and application limitations, the possibilities offered by mobile devices are endless. However, the mobile "office" opens up a whole new set of challenges in security, compatibility, and network infrastructure. and more.

How do we keep up? Better yet, how do we harness the power of enterprise mobility solutions to get the most out of our workforce and provide the most value for our customers? A strategically implemented mobility solution can increase employee productivity, improve a business' ability to respond to shifting demands, and even open new markets. With Openview's support, you can create a secure, user-friendly, mobile-driven office experience.

Network Access Control Solutions

Do You Know What's on Your Network? - Aruba ClearPass Can Help

With more and more mobile and IoT devices dropping in unannounced on the WLAN or wired ecosystem, chances are that your Network Access Control (NAC) solutions need retooling. As if today's network engineers do not face enough challenges, now they must also keep track of every single IoT device to ensure that one does not compromise network security.

Fortunately, new Network Access Control solutions have created an easier way to provide identification, monitoring, network protection, and policy enforcement. Even better, this process has been streamlined by Aruba's handy little NAC tool, Aruba Clear Pass. Actually, there's nothing little about it. Aruba ClearPass handles every piece of the puzzle: device identity, policy control, workflow automation, and more. It also works with Cisco systems.

Application Delivery Solutions

Peak Performance for Your Apps

Speed. Agility. High-level performance. In today's mobile landscape, your applications must perform flawlessly, like a pro athlete in the big game. Employees and customers expect speed, flexibility, and security when using business applications. Any time, any place, on any device. These are the non-negotiables of doing business today.

Your End Users rely on you. You can rely on Openview. With expertise in Citrix and VMware, we'll eliminate end user aggravation and ensure security, performance, and management.

DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)

Desktop Access Anywhere, Anytime

Do any of your workers
a) work remotely?
b) bring personal devices to work?
c) need access to an office PC from the middle of an airport?
d) all of the above?

DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) can solve these challenges and more.

Work is not where you go; it's what you do. Your enterprise's workforce is more mobile and decentralized than ever. Which means that your workers require adaptable tools to accommodate a broad range of devices and circumstances. Whether you choose a cloud-based solution or a product that offers customized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a DaaS solution can cut costs, streamline services, and maintain security protections, while offering a consistent desktop experience for workers.

Secure Applications

Balancing Performance and Protection

Security is already a top concern for every enterprise. With the number of attacks constantly on the rise, risks must be minimized. What happens if a device is lost? What about mobile devices on the wireless network? Data exchanged on the Internet? IT must protect it all. Unprotected areas can serve as entry points to sensitive data.

The key is to protect without sacrificing speed, performance, or adaptability. In today's jungle mobile environment, that is a tall order, particularly when a workforce is never static or stable. To do their jobs well, workers demand greater accessibility to networks and data. To keep up, you need the right tools. Keeping it all safe no matter the circumstances - that is the ultimate bottom line.

Let's discuss your current environment and your path forward.

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