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Remain in control while leveraging HPE's expertise

HPE AMS is a new approach, a collaborative partnership, where you maintain ownership of the IT strategy and HPE experts execute operations under your control.

With HPE AMS, you can leverage the skills, people, and processes of HPE’s global Operations Centres to monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications.HPE’ s AMS enables you to focus on strategic initiatives by allowing the HPE team to take on routine infrastructure tasks and simplify the complexity for you.HPE AMS are customised to meet the specific needs of your entire IT stack, from routine operations to optimization of your mission-critical workloads, and build in recommendations forcontinuous improvement

HPE AMS is made up of a large catalog of services so that you can augment the IT organization's capabilities to operate your entire data center or specific environments within it (e.g., SAP HANA) or focus on certain layers of the infrastructure (e.g., storage operations). It’s your choice.

Augment capabilities, keep the control

HPE AMS leverages HPE’s best practices for operating on-premises IT environment by delivering 24x7 Monitor, Operate, and Administration Services. Once your IT environment is connected, HPE experts can monitor and perform the tasks that you need to offload. It also enables HPE to proactively diagnose, analyze, and improve the environment to make the most of your resources.

HPE’s operations centres are available 24x7 to facilitate that efficiency is achieved by following industry standards, tools, and best practices, e.g., IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001:2015), security (ISO 27001:2017), and business continuity (ISO 22301:2012).

The rapid adoption of new technologies and solution (i.e., cloud, Big Data, and mobility) creates a complex environment for the IT organization. Adding HPE expertise can augment IT capabilities to resolve many issues—HPE AMS can provide the resources so that you can better address business needs.

As an extension of HPE Datacenter Care, HPE AMS leverages the assigned account team to tighten the relationship with various levels in your IT organization.

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