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An integrated composable infrastructure platform that eliminates costly silos, frees up resources, and simplifies IT operations using a single software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual, and containerised workloads.

A hybrid IT engine for your digital transformation

Succeeding in the idea economy requires IT to evolve from a provider of basic business support into an engine of value creation. Composable infrastructure in a hybrid environment empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, accelerating both digital and business transformation.

Your infrastructure as code

Gain efficiency and control with HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution that lets you manage your infrastructure as code, deploying IT resources quickly and for any workload. Through a single interface, you can compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any application. With HPE Synergy, IT goes beyond the role of internal service broker to offer new applications that elevate and enhance the business.

Infrastructure for any application

Eliminate costly silos, free up resources, and simplify IT operations using a single software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual, and containerised workloads with fluid resources pools of compute, storage, and fabric.

Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale

Accelerate application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds. Engineered with software-defined intelligence at its core and powered by HPE OneView, HPE Synergy enables you to stand up services in minutes with a single line of code

Automate everyday operations

Increase productivity and control across the data centre and reduce operational effort and cost. A unified API allows you to automate infrastructure operations with an extensive ecosystem of partners, including Chef, Puppet, RedHat, Docker, Mesosphere, and more.

Develop apps faster and smarter

Accelerate your business with a developer-friendly infrastructure that is fully programmable so you can continuously build, test, and deploy applications.

  • 73% reduction in operator time performing firmware updates

  • 10sec to create a new OS volume using HPE Synergy Image Streamer

  • 50% lower cost per VM than public cloud3

One platform for all your workloads

As an extensible platform, HPE Synergy easily enables a broad range of applications and operational models, including virtualisation, hybrid cloud, and DevOps.

  1. Data management
  2. Compose your infrastructure to match the needs of your database workloads with fast, easy scaling.

  3. Collaboration
  4. Combine virtual and physical environments in a single frame.

  5. Virtualisation
  6. Create virtual versions of IT infrastructure for greater speed, availability, and efficiency.

  7. DevOps
  8. Manage HPE Synergy composable infrastructure through a single, open RESTful API.

  9. Hybrid cloud
  10. Run private cloud and traditional apps on shared infrastructure for an agile, cost effective solution.

HPE Synergy Infrastructure

  1. HPE Synergy Infrastructure
  2. A single intelligent physical infrastructure that combines compute, storage, and fabric so all resources are instantly available to run any application.

  3. HPE Synergy Management
  4. A single interface that precisely composes and recomposes infrastructure at near-instant speeds to accelerate application and service delivery.

  5. HPE Synergy Compute
  6. Compute modules that can be ready to boot in less than 30 seconds and be provisioned with pooled storage, network connectivity, and image.

  7. HPE Synergy Storage
  8. High-density integrated storage for a new level of simplicity, density, and flexibility (SDS, DAS and SAN options supporting file, block, and object storage).

  9. HPE Synergy Fabric
  10. Rack-scale, multi-fabric connectivity that eliminates standalone top-of-rack (TOR) switches.

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