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Accelerate performance, consolidate space and meet SLAs more affordably with high-performance, resilient SSD-optimised all-flash and hybrid storage arrays.

Join the Flash Storage Revolution

Cost-effective. Fast. Flexible. Reliable. !!

The world is changing, fast. An all-flash data centre is now a reality thanks to the flagship HPE 3PAR StoreServ family of all-flash and converged flash arrays. These lightning fast arrays deliver 99.9999% uptime, with built-in protection and affordability for any application. Discover how hybrid flash in our other HPE storage systems make this technology accessible to organisations of any size.

All Flash & Hybrid Range
HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Array

Born for the All-flash Data Centre

With blazing fast speed: up to 3 million IOPs at sub-millisecond latencies, your data centre can handle any demand with the reliability and QoS needed to meet mission critical service levels. All at industry leading economics including cloud-like options for only pennies per usable gigabyte per month.

HPE StoreVirtual & MSA Hybrid Storage Arrays

Hybrid flash for smaller deployments

The HPE StoreVirtual family includes auto-tiering and flash optimisation that scales out as your business grows. The HPE MSA is an affordable flash workhorse that has increased performance by 45% with flash-optimised firmware.

HPE XP Hybrid Storage

Hybrid flash for mission critical demands

XP7 Flash Modules cater to your extreme performance and low latency needs. Attain both ultra-high performance and sustained extreme low response times for the most demanding application workloads.

Nimble Storage

Significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency with Infosight Predictive Analytics!

Dealing with unexpected problems created by infrastructure complexity is a headache of the past. Infosight uses cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent problems before they impact your business.

Predictive: Infosight Predictive Analytics is the first and only analytics platform built into storage to predict and prevent problems across the infrastructure stack and simplify operations. It provides a transformed support experience and enables customers to avoid disruption and time wasted solving infrastructure issues.

Multicloud: Ideal for hybrid IT because it provides a single architecture with unified data services, common management and mobility across all flash, hybrid flash on-premises and public cloud. Nimble Cloud Volumes is an enterprise-grade cloud storage service for AWS and Azure.

Reliably Fast: High-performance and scalable all-flash, hybrid flash and secondary flash arrays with >99.9999% (six nines) measured availability across all models. Modular and simple scalability with non-disruptive scale-up and scale-out.

Radically Simple: Simple to buy, install and use for IT buyers looking for a new level of self-managing and self-aware storage. Robust application plug-ins, Docker container support, and InfoSight's detailed executive dashboards reduce provisioning and capacity planning overhead.

Efficient: Industry leading flash efficiency with always on inline deduplication and compression to achieve the perfect price/performance/capacity sweet spot. Quality of Service controls enable application and storage consolidation without affecting performance.

Nimble storage Infosight predictive analytics redefines IT infrastructure.

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